At Franchise.Law, we are proud to support the growth and success of local entrepreneurs. That’s why we are excited to announce our “Sponsor an Entrepreneur” event, where we will be providing legal advice and monetary donations to help local businesses thrive.
Our Franchise.Law attorneys will review the nominations and select a winner. The winner will be featured on our website and may receive additional resources or support, depending on the needs of their business and our ability to provide it. Additional resources can include up to two free consultation sessions on business planning from a franchise perspective!

Franchise lawyers can help business owners understand the legal and business planning steps involved with converting a business into a franchise. They can combine their expertise with the business owner’s personal goals to create a franchise plan that fits their needs. This can be a useful solution for business owners who want to expand their business without personally overseeing a second location. We believe that the same principles apply to supporting local entrepreneurs, which is why we are committed to providing resources and support to help businesses grow and succeed.

If you know of a local entrepreneur who could benefit from our support, we encourage you to submit a nomination for our Sponsor an Entrepreneur event. We look forward to supporting the growth and success of local businesses!

Nominations can be submitted by individuals or organizations, and should include the following information:

  • Name, phone, and email of the nominated entrepreneur
  • Business name and type of business
  • A statement explaining why this business should be selected as the winner

All nominations must be submitted by April 28th 2023. After this point, our attorneys will go through our nominations and select a winner!

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