Leslie M.

I entered into a contract for matchmaking coaching services with a business based in NC. About half way into the contract, it became clear the owners were not going to deliver on promises made during my initial consultations or as in contractual documents.

I live in the Northeast, but the coaches live in the state of NC, where the governing law resided. As such it was important for me to locate legal representation in NC. After contacting the NC Bar Association, I was referred to Jonathan Barber’s law practice. After scheduling a 1 hour consultation, Mr. Barber concluded I had a very strong case for breach of contract. I was very pleased with the consultation process and how he clearly communicated next steps. I agreed to hire Mr. Barber’s law firm on a retainer basis.

Over the next 10 months, Mr. Barber represented me through demand letters; lawsuit and court discovery filings; and a mediation hearing in NC. Just before a judge-and-jury trial in NC, Mr. Barber was successful in negotiating a settlement of my case. I was very pleased with the settlement amount.

In addition to being highly competent in his profession, Mr. Barber has an approachable, client-facing personality. He patiently answered my questions and “what if” scenarios. His staff of paralegals and office assistants were equally pleasant and efficient; always respectful and responsive. I had an excellent “client services” experience.

I highly recommend Jonathan Barber, and the law firm of Franchise.Law to resolve business law or breach of contract issues. I would certainly hire the firm again for entrepreneurial, franchise or other business legal services.

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