The purpose of franchising an existing business is to increase profits and grow the business. However, to determine if these objectives can be met often involves taking thorough steps to evaluate the potential success of this business venture, often with the help of a franchise entrepreneur lawyer.

A major part of this analysis should be participating in a North Carolina franchise feasibility study. These studies evaluate the potential financial and legal ramifications of offering a franchise opportunity. Even if a business owner has already conducted their own research into the opportunities and risks of offering a franchise opportunity, initiating a franchise feasibility study can be an essential step in the decision-making process, ensuring that no unexpected issues arise after the process has begun.

What is a Franchise Feasibility Study in North Carolina?

A franchise feasibility study serves as a way for a business owner to determine how the creation of a franchise structure may affect their current business. These studies focus on five key areas:

  1. How offering a franchise opportunity may affect a business owner’s competitors.
  2. Evaluating the current business climate to determine if this form of expansion makes financial sense.
  3. The necessary legal steps involved in offering the franchise opportunity.
  4. Determining whether the marketplace will bear aggressive expansion.
  5. Taking stock of the industry space the franchise will operate in.

A North Carolina franchise feasibility study is an internal document produced solely for the use of the potential franchisor. While it may contain information concerning legal obligations such as the production of a franchise disclosure document, these studies are not legally binding documents.

Using a Franchise Feasibility Analysis as a Decision-Making Tool

The decision of whether to offer a business model as a franchise is monumental and any errors of judgment may permanently and devastatingly impact the company’s future or lead to insolvency.

Performing a thorough North Carolina franchise feasibility study is just one way to determine if participating in the franchising process is likely to prosper. This analysis could evaluate the demand for a product or service in a city, state, or the entire country. If there is no demand in the present or near future, committing resources to develop this opportunity may lead to significant losses or complete collapse.

These studies may also uncover vital information concerning the legal requirements in offering franchises. If no registered trademark exists, then a Franchisor must register its franchise disclosure document with the Secretary of State but the full legal impact of the business may have more extensive ramifications. Franchisors must protect their intellectual property, trademarks, and brand while working to comply with all relevant state and federal regulations concerning employees, waste management, land zoning, and insurance. When developing a franchise in North Carolina, a franchise feasibility study could make the difference between expanding a brand and damaging a previously strong and profitable enterprise.

A Franchise Feasibility Study is a Tool For Your North Carolina Business

While it is impossible to predict the future, performing exhaustive research and analysis can give parties a better opportunity to make informed decisions. This especially applies to the world of franchising. Having detailed intelligence about the marketplace, competitors, and legal ramifications of starting a franchise can help you plot a course to take your business to the next level. You put the sweat equity into your business to get it to where it is today, but without careful consideration about what franchising entails, you may harm your company. Let an experienced franchise business attorney conduct a North Carolina franchise feasibility study to help you make the right strategic decision for your business. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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