What businesses are able to be franchised?

Anyone who wants to franchise their business should have a federal trademark, an operations manual, and confidence that someone else could run their business without them. Of these, the operations manual is likely the most important part. Every business should be built as if it were going to be franchised, meaning that every business should have the systems and procedures in place to run like a well-oiled machine without the owner being there, operating the business every second of every day.

If a person buys a McDonald’s franchise, it will run just like every other McDonald’s because the franchise has significant predetermined systems and procedures. Without those systems, a business cannot be easily replicated, so the first and the biggest thing that is needed before franchising your business is to make sure that it has systems in place, and then those systems must be well documented.

The systems should be well-documented with as much information as possible so the business can be turned over to somebody and run with minimal support. The point of franchising is not to have someone else replicate a business and require constant advice and help, but to turn the business over to someone capable of expanding that company without the oversight required of a traditional expansion.

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