2023 Winner: Bailey Graves

Bailey’s Reaction:  My name is Bailey and I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. I am a rising senior at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management majoring in Finance. I am excited to continue my journey towards making a positive impact in the world through my career.

“I am honored to be a recipient of the Franchise Law scholarship for my entrepreneurial essay. Knowing that the scholarship committee recognized the value in my essay is very rewarding. This scholarship will help me continue on my education path and validate my efforts and dedication towards entrepreneurship.”


2022 Winner: Justin Cash Wright

Justin’s Reaction: “It is truly an honor and a privilege to have been selected as the winner of the 2022 Franchise Law Entrepreneur scholarship. This scholarship is very helpful to my pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma. I do not want to be in a position to take on student loan debt, so this scholarship is very beneficial.”

“When I received the email that I had won this prestigious scholarship, I was delighted. It was good to know that my hard work has now paid off. After graduation, I plan to obtain a sales job in the Oklahoma City area, while following my dream of one day owning my own business, Cash’s Awards & More.”


2021 Winner: Camron Hinman

Camron Hinman

Camron’s Reaction: “I was thrilled to find out I was the recipient of the Franchise.Law Entrepreneur Scholarship, and I am very thankful they provided this opportunity. This will be a tremendous help with funding my education and will allow me to redirect some funds to my startup costs. This scholarship will help me keep pursuing my business degree at Illinois State University with less financial burden. I am very fortunate to be enrolled in a program that focuses on experiential learning and real-world experience. I have been involved in the Innovation Consulting Community, where we are placed on teams and solve a problem for a client. We focus on using entrepreneurial skills like design thinking and creativity. I also get to be a part of many organizations like my business fraternity Gamma Iota Sigma, AMA, Sports Marketing Student Association, and Student Alumni Council.

I am pursuing an Integrated Marketing Communication/Marketing Analytics major with a minor in Risk Management and Insurance. I chose this path because, during my personal entrepreneurial journey, I enjoyed these areas of business the most. I also feel marketing can be an impactful way to promote social change, support entrepreneurship, and support nonprofits. Last summer, I was an intern with COUNTRY Financial on the Enterprise Innovation Team. I learned about the impact of our low-touch COVID-19 economy and the newest innovations in insurance tech needed to help businesses now more than ever.

This summer, I completed an internship working with the company Future Founders housed in Chicago’s 1871. As a digital marketing and social media intern, I was able to focus on using marketing strategies to support other young entrepreneurs and their socially impactful startups. I am committed to finding a career like this when I graduate as I want to use marketing for the greater good. In true entrepreneurial spirit, I plan to continue to grow and scale my own business at the same time. I started Creative Curtains to promote art therapy and visual healing to children in hospitals. I wanted to help reduce fear and add function to hospital rooms. The pandemic unfortunately has accelerated the need to help those in hospitals as well as those isolated at home and in nursing homes. I cannot thank Franchise.Law enough for supporting both my entrepreneurial and educational endeavors!”

Our team was impressed with Camron’s submission that discussed how he has pursued entrepreneurship and what choices he has made to help set himself up for success. We were encouraged to learn that Camron is already well on his way to being a successful entrepreneur, and we have no doubt he will go far in whatever endeavors he decides to pursue. Thank you to all of our applicants this year for applying, and we hope you’ll consider applying again next year.

2020 Winner: Grace Chen

Franchise.Law Entrepreneur Scholarship Winner - Grace Chen

Grace’s Reaction: “I was so excited to find out I was this year’s recipient of the Franchise.Law scholarship and feel extremely lucky to have won. I am truly appreciative of this opportunity to relieve financial burdens offered to college students like myself who have aspirations of starting their own businesses. This scholarship will be extremely helpful to me as it will cover a part of my tuition as well as my textbooks for upcoming semesters in school. After I complete my undergraduate education, I plan to either apply to medical school or to graduate school for a master’s degree in business with a focus on entrepreneurship. I hope to eventually start my own business to pursue my passion of eliminating menstrual poverty in the United States, as described in my essay, and ultimately strive towards achieving all aspects of gender equality on the national and local levels.”

Our firm was pleased to read through Grace’s submission that dove into her involvement with her school’s chapter of the national nonprofit, PERIOD, and her role in founding this chapter. We are strong believers in the importance of taking ownership of one’s idea and passionately working towards achieving one’s goals. It was clear to us that Grace embodies this in every sense. While we had many strong applicants for our scholarship this year, we ultimately decided on Grace due to the uniqueness of her submission and her clear can-do attitude in working towards her goals.

Thank you to all the applicants who took the time to apply. Our goal is to encourage each and every one of you to continue pursuing both your further education and your business goals. We hope that any applicants that were not selected this year will consider applying again in the future, as it is our goal to help as many future or current entrepreneurs with their education as we can.

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Franchise.Law started the Franchise.Law Entrepreneur Scholarship to support future entrepreneurs in their further education while giving them the opportunity to discuss their business ideas. As a franchise law firm, we are very passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and achieving their goals. In many cases, a college education can be beneficial to entrepreneurs by allowing them the opportunity to learn the things they need to develop their business from an idea into a successful entity. To learn more about this scholarship, visit the Franchise.Law Entrepreneur Scholarship page.

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