As a law firm created by entrepreneurs, our team at Franchise.Law is passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Through starting and growing a business, a person’s life not only changes, but also the lives of all who interact with the business as well. One of the best examples of using entrepreneurship to create a better life for oneself and others is found through the Inmates to Entrepreneurs program.

Inmates To Entrepreneurs is a national nonprofit supported by the Brian Hamilton Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing free entrepreneurship education resources for people of all backgrounds. The programs offered through Inmates To Entrepreneurs are important for helping individuals in our community get back on their feet and have a way to support themselves without relying on others.

Our firm is proud to have sponsored the 8-week course for the Charlotte area that taught the basics of entrepreneurship to people with a criminal record. We hope all participants enjoyed their time in this course and we look forward to supporting this organization’s important work in the future.

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