Classification: Filing State

Filing Fee: $100

Renewal Fee: $100

Expiration: annually

Franchisors must complete and file an annual Franchise Exemption, with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services and pay a $100 filing fee before offering or selling a franchise that is located within Florida or is being sold to a resident of Florida. Many franchisors seek assistance from a competent and experienced franchise attorney to ensure they comply with Florida franchise law and filing requirements.

Florida’s exemption applies to anyone offering a “franchise” within the state as long as the franchise is in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission orders or actions relating to franchises.

What must be filed with the State of Florida to qualify for the Franchise Exemption?

When submitting a Florida Franchise Exemption, franchisors must complete the required Franchise Exemption form and send it with the required $100 filing fee to:


PO Box 6700

Tallahassee, FL 32399

Is it required for franchisors to renew their exemption in Florida?

The answer is yes. Franchisors are required to file a new Franchise Exemption every year and pay a $100 filing fee. Florida does allow for electronic renewals; however, franchisors will need to upload a new, physically signed, Franchise Exemption in order to renew.

To confirm whether a franchisor has a valid Franchise Exemption in Florida, or to check a renewal deadline, click here to search Florida’s license search portal.

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